Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Merry Fucking Christmas, Ladies.

Yes, it's that time of year again, freezing isn't it, but what are we even celebrating?
The answer you'd usually get is Jesus' birthday, well, the end of the winter
solstice if you realise that Christianity, and most religions are metaphors for the movement of the sun, and they are metaphors for the movement of the sun, but that doesn't matter at all because i love you.
You see, Jesus isn't really what
Christmas is about is he. Christmas is about Christmas. Santa didn't die for our sins, and why the mongo would we want him to?! I don't even think it's wrong anymore to accept Christmas as something that isn't particularly religious. The decorations, the songs, the presents, the family dinners, the television specials, the party's, the love, they've all seem to become celebrations of themselves rather than celebrations of something external, especially not an imaginary carpenter who's faithers a bit too into his talking snakes and impossibly large boats.
Christmas spirit just doesn't bring them things to mind for me, but what it does bring is a little insight into how good and real people can be, and i fucking love it.

Yes, despite what my other
cynical and pessimistic and deluded points of view may have pointed to, i literally wish it could be Christmas every day!
I think what happens is, people see
Christmas as an excuse to start loving everyone, because it's been happening around this time of year since they where born, open your eyes to it! Everyone's so happy, nobodies threatened, no ones a gang of yobs, no ones a pedo, no ones a fat cow, no ones a rival, no ones an enemy, everyones just basking in love so much they get rid of all the stupid made up things that we've reminded ourselves of throughout the rest of the year, but they also think that this can only happen at christmas time, and it so doesn't.
I said i wouldn't go on about the
Christianity bit but I'm just clearing it up so i don't get people going "WHAATT? THEEEEES MAANN EEEEZZ WRONNGG AYEEE THEEENK,"
The story is that Jesus got crucified
tae fuck on the 22nd, he lay dead for 3 days and was resurrected on the 25th of December. Before you but in with the smart arse "NAW EASTURS FUR AE RESURECTION AKSHILLY," well it is, aswell, because Jesus is a metaphor for the sun, the sun is at it lowest on the 22nd of December (effectively dies.. like jesus p.s this is also my birthday) and it stays at its lowest for 3 days, and starts moving up again on the 25th of December (resurrected), and the reason we don't celebrate the resurrection properly until Easter is because Easter is the day when the daytime officially becomes longer than the night time, so the crops can start growing like a bastard again.
And i know you don't care about crops, but the people from the world before televisions and
tesco did, which is why it's so much more stupid that you still blindly believe this stupid story in this modern age.
I'm sorry for shouting at you honey, i love you, Merry
Ok so the reason i was clearing that up is because i was going to say that i don't think there's any way that all these good changes in people happen because of a story of a guy who couldny hack sittin oan a board for a couple of hours but then said he was awrite, but I'm sure not saying that it doesn't take a cover up to give people an excuse to love each other, apparently it does and that's just the way people are just now, but it's better having a cover up to make people love everything than to not at all.
I think
Christmas is what the 60's must have felt like, and i want all of you to take Christmas and the 60's as an example of what we have to be changing ourselves into. Ok infact maybe scrap the sixty's, it did have a bit too much colours, and drugs.. mind opening drugs, and peace, and love, and wild sex, and amazing music...... ok sorry forget what i said we're including the 60's again.
Here's my point.
Look at this
comparison; Christmas time, and post Christmas time. Everyone's miserable after Christmas, because everyone thinks that's all the love and happiness finished, well who decided that? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!!

Them amazing feelings you get at
Christmas time and wait a whole year for don't actually come from Christmas time itself, that's just a time of year, they come from you! So don't see it as the only time you're allowed to start being amazing because it doesn't have to be limited. Just take Christmas as a little sneak preview of how great everything can be if we get our act together.

OH whats you're favourite
Christmas song? post anonymously if you don't have an account! I'm in the middle of downloading lots.
My favourite i think is Tom Jones + Catatonia - It's cold outside.
Housemartins - Caravan of Love

Have a sexy fucking
Christmas and a breathtaking new year you bunch of crimbo bastards.
Peace and love x

Monday, 8 December 2008

Freestyling!!!!!.... well, poetry.

I've had the cold and i find that's made my mind very unmotivated and i don't like to think about anything at all really, because everything's depressing.
So this blog, is not anything influential, it's not an interesting commentary or the habits of society or my peers.
What it is, is simply some of the freestyles that i have participated in today.
Yes freestyles, or poetry to the less hip, more commonly known as the 'white man'.
You may ask, "But Kyle, you don't participate in the world of hip hop? Never have i seen you with even the smallest amount of bling, nor with the weakest of ak's, nor with the skankiest of ho's,"
Well, if you open your mind, poetry battles is probably the best thing to make a boring day on the internet a little bit better.
So without out further a poo :

Kyle Daniel Lochhead says:
cameron black
yer sacks a fukn sack
if yi havent noticed yet this is a fukn freestyle
and yir about tae git pumped of a poet called kyle
technically its a poem, cos we're both caucasian
but that doesnt mean that ma poems arent amazin
take e fukn mic
or keyboard or watever
or are u guna syke
and fukn spew out yer liver

Cameron Black says:
nah i be reppin fresh from the top of my head
my rymes will nock you sick , snuggled up in your bed
ill spit it to this beat , that there is not
then stuff and thing that ryme with what
Im fresh , i cant be touched , im a man of the night
dont be hatin on me cause my skin colour is white
i know im good man , but i dont like to boast
I know im white, but man, you look like you seen a ghost

Kyle Daniel Lochhead says:
look mate, stop tryn to make these poems all about race,
the colour isnt the worst thing about ur ugly face,
seen a ghost? wee man i dont believe in paranormal,
and just because i can, im guna make this rhyme formal:
dear sir, you appear to be unskilled in the art of rappin,
it'd be my suggestion drop the mic and start nappin,
because i'm a good sport, it'd be spiffing to keep going,
cos theres no way my spits will ever stop the flowing,
so on that note
on that final mile
im ending the poem here
yours sincerley, kyle.

Cameron Black says:
dont be hatin on me like im fuckin fem-in-en
I know i cant rap, stole the last line from em-in-em
ill try not to hurt you, spare you my gravement
any mere eh that shit though , splat yer brains on the pavement
ill keep this goin , my keyboards on fire
rappin so hard youl early retire
if your smart enough youl give up hope
layin this shit down sweeter than afgahn dope

Cameron Black says:
:))there so fun:))

Kyle Daniel Lochhead says:
'there so fun' here thats one of ur quotes,
thats so much a shiter it'd probably float,
floatin like a toli without the aid of a boat,
yer minds rainin so much shite al needtae buy a coat,
am thinkin about copyin these to ma blog,
but as insides jokes they could be as clear as fog,
and incase yer an arsehole thats not very clear,
and if yi hate that metophor al slit yi ear to ear,
cos ma mind comes up with the most beautiful things,
and am not talkin about silk sheets and fancy diamond rings,
but more so things that are less materialistic,
things that stick in yer head like there drippin in prit stick,
things that involve subjects you've never heard of,
things thatl cos the poshest of men to buy a bergos,
things that regard no ettiquette or boundries,
things that are hotter than molten steel in foundries,
things that can cos a fate not much better than rabies
infact... thinkin about it.. all these things are dead babies.

Cameron Black says:
kicken it fresher than ever, like a newborn pup
ma rymes are so fly, layin it down straight up
ill talk about anything you want from the bible to toast
lyrics to make chill and cold like jack froast
like a snowman
and ill demand
on a stand
than ma hand
will comand
and strike you
its a matter of fact, i dont like you
come back , try to spit and defend
its over for now , but this aint the end

Kyle Daniel Lochhead says:
first of all, yer last lines a contradiction,
word of warnin av git mare blades then yer granny bettys kitchen,
thats one of the many reasons you should stop the act now,
or you'll be more up for the slaughter than a beefy angus cow,
the bible to toast? fair enuf thats quite a range,
but neither of them subjects can cos ma life to change,
its not amount of subject matter, its wether its relevant,
and if you look, yours is trivial, like a thimble to an elephant,
so thats ma revolt, is that quite all?
cause you know if you call back again, your guna fall

Cameron Black says:
Yer skills are pish , random collection of words
Insapration - flight-of-the-con-cords
Coming up against you turns out as a joke
i think your dreaming ,you need to be woke
from you sleep, about elephants and cows
and finally realise that right about nows
the time,
to give up trying,
up-ag-ainst-me-equals-lyri-cly -dying
nice try, but it ends today
pack up your shit son, and get on your way

That was my rhymes with cameron, go on his blog at http://cameron-black.blogspot.com/

And the following rhymes are my rhymes with Laurie, you might not understand these ones. Especially if you're in any way, not as cool as us.

Kyle Daniel Lochhead:
aw forgot to ask, see next weekend?
don't bring down any kitchens or time,
and please do not let me serf any highly raised wine,
bring down the receipt from where u purchased ur saed,
and if yoov not had a jesus supper ur not goin to bed,
we'll be stickin on some music, a cant think of life without it,
same goes for any splendid yellow ping pong player outfits,
when yer down we best be checkin flights for fukn amsterdam,
and a wham bam merci danke thanka ya mam,
bita beer,
bita lite
never fear
pickin fights
but now, look, the poems come to an end
and im out of bebo love,its rare, so we'll just have to pretend.


Laurie Veitch:
that poem you sent me was a wee bit too Lite,
hopefully this one will turn out to be, suhlight,
but a need to go n finish ma lamp soon,
then ill be stickin eh fuckin wine doon,
can't wait to be chln,
cant wait, it'll be saed,
cant wait to be drappin eh chilli n bread,
cant wait tae tan,aw eh free wine,
cos lets be honest, wen have i ever had time,
gonnae return on wednesday to ma home,
if am not back by then a think ill fuckin BWOHM!

that was my rhymes with laurie, go on his blog at www.he-doesnt-actually-even-have-a-blog.com

I hope this post made you giggle atleast thrice.
Peace and love! x

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Merry St Andrews Day!

I don't know if it was some subconscious awareness or a coincidence that St Andrews day this year comes just a day after the day that i got my first patriotic feelings since i was a little ignorant boy watching brave heart.
You see, technically i hate Scotland, we don't have a real culture of our own anymore, and tartan novelty hats with ginger hair doesn't count. Fair enough our history is a pretty successful and inspiring story, William Wallace battered a few wido cunts and we got a bit of 'FREEEEEDOOOOMMMMM' but what's come of it since then? Our legal system is a load of irrational rubbish, the police all seem the same as the chavvy pricks their ment to be fighting, well they seem like them, if them watched too many episodes of columbo. I hated it because we were so patriotic about an imaginary culture, the imaginary culture was one of everyone wearing kilts, killing English people, teaming up against the world, being the loudest singers, being immune to the snobyness and faults of the rest of the world, but all i seen was a big pit of the dregs from everyone elses cultures, just as much influenced from British and American media as England and America are, with foods that are seen as our own but they don't merit 'foods' , deep fried and take at most 5 minutes to prepare and we seem just as much a victim of the fast food franchises explosion as the country's they started in, if not more.

But my views on Scotland was changed yesterday;

I was in work (tesco) and there was a relief call for the check outs, i relieved them. One of the first people i served was an English family of a women and her two daughters. They didn't give me any eye contact, they didn't say thank you, they didn't return my greeting, they didn't even smile, they just talked gloomy amongst themselves and left without glancing back.
It wasn't this that effected me the most though, straight after that grumpy family, there was a nice old Scottish lady, and because she was straight after, i just seen her as a comparison and opposite of the last family, and she was stereotypically Scottish. She gave me eye contact, always smiled, made me feel so happy and relaxed. I felt like buying her 20 cups of tea and all the clubcard points you would ever need.
It completely opened my eyes to the not imaginary, but invisible culture we have, and it's invisible because it's not up itself enough to feel the need to make an appearance, but it's still completely there. Although Scotland is full of people stabbing each other, it's all done for the sake of a good time. Scottish people are probably some the most considerate down to earth people out of all the English talking country's. I hate to generalize, and i am generalizing, because some Scottish people are the opposite of what i'm saying, stuck up, delusional, ill mannered people ever, and some Americans and other British people are my favorites, come to think of it, all of my hero's come under that category.
But speaking in general, because if i where to speak specifically i'd have to go through everyone who is alive in the world, i quite like Scotland

Enjoy that haggis mate, peace and love x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Everything is energy.

Time, space and matter.
matters seems like a good place to begin, the solidity of the world seems indisputable,
as a fixed thing you can see and touch,
your body's also reassuringly solid,
but beginning with Einstein,
modern physics has assured us,
this is a mirage,
after all, the body is made up of atoms,
these are particles whirling round at lighting speeds,
around huge empty spaces,
and the particles aren't material objects,
they're fluctuations of energy and information,
in a huge void of energy and information,
if you could see the body as it really is,
you'd see 99.9999% of it is mostly empty space,
and the other .00001% of it that you see as matter,
is also empty space,
the matter is just an illusion, an artifact of our perceptual experiences,
as you sift through this very solid looking material body,
you only have to go so far till u end up with a handful of nothing,
this is a scientific fact,
the question is what is this nothingness,
what is this empty space that makes up everything in existence,
because its very clear that the basic raw material of the universe,
is not materiel,
the essential stuff of the universe,
is non stuff,
because an atom which is the basic unit of matter,
is not really a solid entity,
its a void,
but is this void an emptiness,
or could it be the womb of creation itself,
could it be the source of life itself,
is this none stuff none matter that makes up the entire universe,
just emptiness, or is it thinking non stuff,
thinking non matter,
that curves back within its own self,
and creates everything in existence from matter, to energy, to time, to space,
as you dissect through the human body,
the various layers of organs, tissues, cells, molecules and atoms peel away,
until the subatomic is left, bundles of energy vibrations,
the nerve receptors in the body are switching stations that can take energy vibrations that can turn them into touch sight and sound and so on.

everything is energy

i feel like I'm melting into the ground every time i remind myself, we where all in a primordial soup that expanded and made everything, we're all part of the same thing, just looking back on itself, everything is everyone and everyone is everything, all you need is love!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Lucid Dreams, And My First Lucid Dream. (but not last)

I'd heard about lucid dreams ages ago, and the concept never really caught my complete attention, but since I've been in college, Darren in my course has been telling me about his regular lucid dreams and so i was officially, quite interested.
A Lucid Dream is when one reaches a state of semi-consciousness during R.E.M sleep (which kicks in after about 90 minutes). The state of semi-consciousness means that, although still sleeping, one is in control of, not just his/her actions and movements in the dream, but in complete control of everything/everyone that surrounds them. Imagine it like the scene in the matrix where neo and Morpheus are in a big white space and can call up any situation or object or person to surround them, well that's basically what you have to work with in lucid dreams.
There where many ways i looked at to make lucid dreams happen, a common one was to get into the habit of checking the time, because clocks don't work properly in dreams so if you look at it one time and it's half 3, and then you look at it again and it's a picture of 2 radiators then you know your dreaming. Once you've reminded yourself your dreaming the trick is to make sure you slowly become conscious of it, but not too quickly that you wake yourself up.
Lots of places i researched said you should keep a log book for your dreams that you fill in every time you wake up so that you notice reoccurring dreams, so you then notice them when your dreaming and hence become aware of it.
I didn't have the motivation for that so I've just been reminding myself about lucid dreams the past few days in hope I'd work out a situation in my dream where i try and make one happen.
Last night, i had my first lucid dream.
I was running to my work at tesco, and when i got into the car park, instead of the fat man in the yellow jacket who organizes how many taxi's are in the rank, it was in fact, Jackie Onassis. The widow of tragically assassinated president John F Kennedy. She was wearing her jacket and hat that she always wears, and i remember thinking "hmm, Jackie Onassis shouldn't be controlling how many taxi's get into the tesco car park in Greenock. I understand her life was slightly tore apart with the death of her husband, but surely she's moved onto something a little bit more dignified than this," My conclusion was, i was dreaming, and my second thought was 'lucid dream lucid dream lucid dream lucid dream,"
To test my theory i went up to Jackie Onassis and questioned her on her motive for being here, because somewhere in my head i had a thought that made no sense, that said 'if i start going and summoning everything i want in my surroundings, it'll be a bit rude if it isn't a dream because these people just want to get on with things, i best make sure it really is a dream before i ride unicorns to Alton towers," (can you really be too polite to have a lucid dream?)
So i approached Jackie Onassis and asked if this was a dream, she said no, and i started changing the colour of her jacket, i changed it from turquoise to purple to eventually a moving rainbow colour, all at my will. This confirmed for me i was dreaming, and lucid dreaming. So now i had to go and do the matrix empty space thing where i start imagining everything i want.
This is the part that I've been reading is apparently the tricky part, because you have to stay on the right thought level that keeps you sleeping but completely conscious in your dream to make everything you want happen.
So, for a while i just stayed concentrated, to make sure i was still sleeping, then i jumped up, really high until tesco car park was gone, but where i ended up was the top floor of the new car park... at least it was empty. I started trying to imagine Alexa Chung with no clothes on, and i think this is where i went wrong, because i woke up. Reading about lucid dreams, I've learned you can't master them over night, and i think me starting off with the object of my desires was something that required too much exciting thought, so i woke up.
So I'm going to keep trying, and I'll remember next time to start off with something, although still desired, not as exciting as Alexa Chung without any clothes on.. maybe a choc-ice perhaps.

I'll get back to you all once i have a successful lucid dream with choc-ices AND Alexa Chung with no clothes on, I'll possibly have her eat a choc-ice as well.

I hope I've inspired some of you to try to have lucid dreams, i would suggest it. Some Psychiatrists try to prescribe them to there patients therapeutically because you can technically change your life in them. Conquer fears, manage and realise truths, work out social situations, see Alexa Chung with no clothes on etc.. technically the only difference between dreams and 'reality' is that the consequences of one dream doesn't carry on to the next, but i don't think that means that the consequences and conclusions worked out in dreams can't be carried onto reality.

If any of you end up having a lucid dream, or if you've had one before, tell me about it, i love listening the storys of them, some are hilarious.

But on that, I'm leaving you. good luck with the dreaming. peace and love x

oh, here's something to motivate you. Yes, Alexa Chung shall be the motivation behind our lucid dream movement, viva la Chung!


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Please Excuse My Subject

I usually wouldn't let a matter as trivial and vain as the one about to be brought up get into my blog, but it's one that it'd probably be healthier for me in the long term if i used this as a theraputic discourse to get to grips with how i feel about it. I'm going to talk about receeding hairlines.
It was pretty much a definite sentance that i was going bald. Off the top of my head i can't think of any male in my immediate family that doesnt have some sort of a balding pattern, but as a child this seemed inadequate to my other problems such as what i was going to name that woodlouse, and how i was going to stab my sister without getting charged with attempted murder by the all seeing law that was granny betty. During my teens however, it started actually happening, but nothing to dastric, i took it as a joke, and so did the yearbook when i was put in as most likely to be bald by the age of 20. But in the last few months i've noticed it getting alot worse, i had my hair beatles pop years length and when i got it shaved i was kindof shocked, so i grew it again to cover it up, but it won't cover it up this time, which is the frustrating bit.
Infact i've drawn you a diagram to better explain what i'm saying
you see?
So now i'm stuck with stupid looking long hair, or stupid looking short hair, and i don't even have the face for it to make me look old.
By writing this i thought i'd come to some sort of conclusion. Have i? i don't think i have.
I have.
I greeted you as Kyle Daniel Lochhead, and i leave you, as Kyle Daniel Lochhead, the man who now wears hats, and what a perfect time to introduce them into my life than winter.
Well, good night, ladies and gentlemen, and this night, don't take ur hair for granted with a thought of the possibility of waking up with your hair all over the pillow tomorow, and blood actually, to make it worse.. your mums blood.

Peace and love x

Unbiased question for you all.

I have a question for you, and it's genuinly out of interest. I think peoples favourites songs must be good in someway if they can be anyones favourite song. Not like when emo's say there favourite song is by fall out boy, and when neds say there favourite song is by dj md2020 featuring MC MontaeFuckAn'GeezYerJaiket, because that's what there expected to like.
But proper personal unbiased true honest favourite songs.

So, what's your 5 favourite songs ? and i'll genuinly check them out, you can post anonomously if you don't have an account

to start off heres mine, in no particular order:

*The Beatles - I Am The Walrus
*Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
*El-P - The Overly Dramatic Truth
*Alien Ant Farm - Movies
*Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - A Letter From God To Man

now you go. peace and love x

Monday, 10 November 2008


This is what Bill Hicks said someone who takes lsd might realise;
"Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectivly, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves, .... now here's tom with the weather"

Well this is what i have realised, after a period of about 3 years of crazy thinking and research, without taking any lsd;
all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectivly, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

so now i know theres atleast a 3 year gap between hearing something, and understanding it.
and i don't want to know what will happen if i took lsd now.

Right, well that's the right side of my brain conquered, now for the left side... who's up for a game of sodoku? x

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The best song to listen to on your ipod, whilst walking.

I have 9.23GB of music on my itunes as of the morning of the 6th of November 2008 AD. The ipod i bought of Gareth for £20 holds 4GB of music. This essentially turns my ipod nano into an ipod shuffle, in that i have to go through all my music and select each indiviudual song i want on it, and even when i have, i always overstep it, so i haven't used it in a while. On sunday however, i done the tedious and my ipod is now up and running, and i'm really happy about it, i forgot how great it was to just walk when you can hear music in your head, sometimes i get to into it and i think i'm in a music video.
To the point of the blog, i was walking to college this morning and i had my ipod on shuffle, the first song that came on was 'The overly dramatic truth' by 'El-P' , and i had atleast 3, of what can only be described as, orgasms.
I can't imagine any other song that's better to walk to than this one, it's undescribeable, i wanted to kick down every wheely bin i passed and rip the heart out of every o.a.p walking to get there pension.
Heres the song, but to get the effect, download it, buy it, whatever, and put it on your ipod and just walk and listen to every single individual lyric and every beat, tenner if your eyes don't well up, well maybe that was the wind.
Rest in peace, ear virginity.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Obama killed his gran for the sympathy vote last night, he's willing to go that far.. let him win.

P.S follow a funny funny blog http://cameron-black.blogspot.com/ ...

who do we think will get president then? not that i care, i'm kooler than that, i have sunglasses and all that stuff so i don't even care. x

Monday, 3 November 2008

Hallows Eve

Halloween, i hate halloween. It's just like any other weekend but instead of you sitting with your friend drinking, it's you sitting with your giant human banana drinking. I'm sitting drinking with a giant banana because the celts used to celebrate the end of the harvest and slaughter there livestock on this day, so why the fuck am i drinking with a giant banana, shouldn't i be taking to some cows with a machete, at what point did the giant banana come into this equation, where the fuck is my machete?
I think theres only one other type of person who would boycott halloween with me, and that's overweight females. Putting myself briefly in the shoes of a female at halloween it'd seem all i have to do is start with the template "Slutty ____ " and fill the blank with literally anything, just this year i've seen the usual suspects like slutty nurse, slutty vampire, slutty alice in wonderland, slutty giant banana. I've also seen some new ones, slutty cavewomen (did they exist?), slutty skeleton, slutty mummy, slutty stapler. It's great to see girls are really progressing and making a good name for themselves, i sure had my finger on the pulse of female culture before i seen the proof of intelectual evolution that was a slutty pocahontas.
The only bad thing i would think that'd happen if halloween ended would maybe be a few costume companys going out of business (maybe that's why they keep halloween alive?) but i think it'd do us good if when in the need of a costume, we made it ourselves, we could do with the practice of practical crafts.
So what i propose is to completley scrap halloween, to keep the fun in it we can make the same date 'dress up and get drunk day' so atleast we're being honest, but on the condition that we make our own costumes. And if you want to keep halloween the way it is but still accept my point of view, then join me, October the 31st 2009, in the cow fields, with a machete and a giant banana suit. See you there ! peace and love x

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Streets New Album

Finally the streets' new album 'Everything is Borrowed' came out this month, actually needed it. It's defintly not my favourite streets album but i'm not dissapointed either. It has gave me one of my favourite lines in a song though "i came to this world with nothing, and i leave with nothing but love, everything else is just borrowed,"  
I think Mike Skinner being taken away from normal public life and him having more time to think about things less trivial than him thinking she is really fit, fit but my gosh doesn't she just know it, he's became alot more, i want to say spiritual, but i also mean something slightly different but my vocabularys a shiter so i'll just say it, yeah he's became alot more spiritual since he's been famous, i think the marijuana's helped, which i like alot because i hated some of the famous street songs being about stupid things even though they where good songs because skinners really smart.
This will be the second last streets album, because mike always imagined a 5 album box set and aparantly the last ones going to be something experimental, more use of synthensisers because of his trip to the synthensiser museum in germany whilst touring, and it's going to have running theme throughout it, im looking forward to it.

Here my favourite track from it, give it a listen it's amazing.  Peace and love x

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Election, tonight, on smackdown!

I usually like to tell myself i'm somehow above all this new fancy 'politics' thing, but it's understandable how hard it is to avoid it, but the american election actually makes me want to be sick over everyone i love. It completley reminds of me of the WWF wrestling i used to watch; scripted, mindless, undignified but controlled madness tweaked from as much angles as possible to entertain the american public, think about the venue of the debates being in a wwf smackdown ring, it seems so right, all the shouting stupid fans with all there home made signs, callouts, backup, shocks, suprises, conflicts, rivalrys, FAKENESS. I just can't bring myself to even believe it's real, it's defintly not real. My personal views on things like this are slightly contraversial and i'm not going to introduce them to you yet but i hate how i'm even taking notice of all this shite.
Say if you are one of the americans that are blind enough to vote, i bet i can make you pick a side right now with this:
This is the type of people that support McCain, the people that support any side are usually just as silly, just on the other side, but atleast the percentage of McCain votes tell you the percentage of ignorant racist fucks. And the percentage of votes are the percentage of people that think their actually in a democracy... lol

Monday, 20 October 2008

Joe Rogan

Ever  since the death of Bill Hicks and George Carlin, i've always doubted the return of another truth and love talking, revolutionary social commentater on par with them, especially as the world seems to be getting much less intellegent due to what seems to be far too conveinently placed distractions to stop people thinking freely and questioning what goes on.. 'spiritual evolution? wait what? no ssshh, x factors on and terrorists are everywhere and the economy matters because why would a goverment ever take on a "scarcity = power" tactic,'       but anyway, i first seen Joe Rogan when he presented fear factor and didn't think much of him but i found some clips of his stand up and him expressing his opinions and i was filled with happyness at his brutal honesty and commentary, almost compensation for the loss of Carlin and Hicks, you could say he has a bit to go before he gets to where they where but he's on the right tracks and he's full steam ahead. I check his blog whenever i can, the UFC stuff is not my cup of tea but i suppose everyman has his hobbie.

www.joerogan.net     and i also suggest just searching him on youtube.

Friday, 17 October 2008


GREAT! Because they wouldn't be in place if it wasn't for politicians, so you obviously loooove politics!        So for a unique and maverick take on the world of current affairs, the world which you love, visit  www.polipatter.blogspot.com   you'll split your sides laughing, then stitch them back up again with that metophorical sewing set we use, called, knowledge.


Thursday, 16 October 2008

It's Just A Ride

"The world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it, you think it's real, because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round and it has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and it's very loud. And it's fun, for a while.

Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question: 'Is this real? Or is this just a ride?' And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and they say 'Hey! Don't worry, don't be afraid - ever - because... this is just a ride.' And we kill those people.

'Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride! Shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry; look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.'

It's just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that - ever notice that? - and we let the demons run amok. But it doesn't matter, because... it's just a ride, and we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort. No worry. No job. No savings and money. Just a choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door, buy bigger guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one.

Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, into a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defense each year and, instead, spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would do many times over - not one human being excluded - and we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever. In peace. "~Bill Hicks

First blog, nice to meet you :)

I don't know if this will last but i'd like it to, i'll have to introduce myself first then i suppose.

I'm Kyle Daniel Lochhead, I'm a 17 year old from Scotland, the west coast, with all the smashed glasses and smells, yea that coast.

I study HND Creative Industries: Television And Production.  I suppose i could enjoy a career in film making and producing but saying that its what i want to do seems to harsh just now.

But anyway, obviously more about me comes out in a blog more gradually and you can decide wether you think i'm a titwank or a revoltionary or an internet trend sheep, but somewhere in my mind i've obviously suggested to myself that my points of view could merit a blog, and i stand by it, well, i sit reluctintly by it.     Here's to the future! Peace and Love x