Thursday, 6 November 2008

The best song to listen to on your ipod, whilst walking.

I have 9.23GB of music on my itunes as of the morning of the 6th of November 2008 AD. The ipod i bought of Gareth for £20 holds 4GB of music. This essentially turns my ipod nano into an ipod shuffle, in that i have to go through all my music and select each indiviudual song i want on it, and even when i have, i always overstep it, so i haven't used it in a while. On sunday however, i done the tedious and my ipod is now up and running, and i'm really happy about it, i forgot how great it was to just walk when you can hear music in your head, sometimes i get to into it and i think i'm in a music video.
To the point of the blog, i was walking to college this morning and i had my ipod on shuffle, the first song that came on was 'The overly dramatic truth' by 'El-P' , and i had atleast 3, of what can only be described as, orgasms.
I can't imagine any other song that's better to walk to than this one, it's undescribeable, i wanted to kick down every wheely bin i passed and rip the heart out of every o.a.p walking to get there pension.
Heres the song, but to get the effect, download it, buy it, whatever, and put it on your ipod and just walk and listen to every single individual lyric and every beat, tenner if your eyes don't well up, well maybe that was the wind.
Rest in peace, ear virginity.

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Cameron said...

Would be a good song for a skate video:) Me likes ROFLMAO.