Monday, 20 October 2008

Joe Rogan

Ever  since the death of Bill Hicks and George Carlin, i've always doubted the return of another truth and love talking, revolutionary social commentater on par with them, especially as the world seems to be getting much less intellegent due to what seems to be far too conveinently placed distractions to stop people thinking freely and questioning what goes on.. 'spiritual evolution? wait what? no ssshh, x factors on and terrorists are everywhere and the economy matters because why would a goverment ever take on a "scarcity = power" tactic,'       but anyway, i first seen Joe Rogan when he presented fear factor and didn't think much of him but i found some clips of his stand up and him expressing his opinions and i was filled with happyness at his brutal honesty and commentary, almost compensation for the loss of Carlin and Hicks, you could say he has a bit to go before he gets to where they where but he's on the right tracks and he's full steam ahead. I check his blog whenever i can, the UFC stuff is not my cup of tea but i suppose everyman has his hobbie.     and i also suggest just searching him on youtube.

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