Sunday, 30 November 2008

Merry St Andrews Day!

I don't know if it was some subconscious awareness or a coincidence that St Andrews day this year comes just a day after the day that i got my first patriotic feelings since i was a little ignorant boy watching brave heart.
You see, technically i hate Scotland, we don't have a real culture of our own anymore, and tartan novelty hats with ginger hair doesn't count. Fair enough our history is a pretty successful and inspiring story, William Wallace battered a few wido cunts and we got a bit of 'FREEEEEDOOOOMMMMM' but what's come of it since then? Our legal system is a load of irrational rubbish, the police all seem the same as the chavvy pricks their ment to be fighting, well they seem like them, if them watched too many episodes of columbo. I hated it because we were so patriotic about an imaginary culture, the imaginary culture was one of everyone wearing kilts, killing English people, teaming up against the world, being the loudest singers, being immune to the snobyness and faults of the rest of the world, but all i seen was a big pit of the dregs from everyone elses cultures, just as much influenced from British and American media as England and America are, with foods that are seen as our own but they don't merit 'foods' , deep fried and take at most 5 minutes to prepare and we seem just as much a victim of the fast food franchises explosion as the country's they started in, if not more.

But my views on Scotland was changed yesterday;

I was in work (tesco) and there was a relief call for the check outs, i relieved them. One of the first people i served was an English family of a women and her two daughters. They didn't give me any eye contact, they didn't say thank you, they didn't return my greeting, they didn't even smile, they just talked gloomy amongst themselves and left without glancing back.
It wasn't this that effected me the most though, straight after that grumpy family, there was a nice old Scottish lady, and because she was straight after, i just seen her as a comparison and opposite of the last family, and she was stereotypically Scottish. She gave me eye contact, always smiled, made me feel so happy and relaxed. I felt like buying her 20 cups of tea and all the clubcard points you would ever need.
It completely opened my eyes to the not imaginary, but invisible culture we have, and it's invisible because it's not up itself enough to feel the need to make an appearance, but it's still completely there. Although Scotland is full of people stabbing each other, it's all done for the sake of a good time. Scottish people are probably some the most considerate down to earth people out of all the English talking country's. I hate to generalize, and i am generalizing, because some Scottish people are the opposite of what i'm saying, stuck up, delusional, ill mannered people ever, and some Americans and other British people are my favorites, come to think of it, all of my hero's come under that category.
But speaking in general, because if i where to speak specifically i'd have to go through everyone who is alive in the world, i quite like Scotland

Enjoy that haggis mate, peace and love x


Holyrood Patter said...

its weird, trish and roberto wwre in england at the weekend, and discussed how awful waiting/bar/hotel staff were

William Wallace said...

Run and you will live, fight and you may die, but many years from now...............................................................................................................FREEDOM!!!!!!

Cameron said...

I always thought it was funny William Wallace was played by Mel Gibson, a tiny wee jewish american.