Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Everything is energy.

Time, space and matter.
matters seems like a good place to begin, the solidity of the world seems indisputable,
as a fixed thing you can see and touch,
your body's also reassuringly solid,
but beginning with Einstein,
modern physics has assured us,
this is a mirage,
after all, the body is made up of atoms,
these are particles whirling round at lighting speeds,
around huge empty spaces,
and the particles aren't material objects,
they're fluctuations of energy and information,
in a huge void of energy and information,
if you could see the body as it really is,
you'd see 99.9999% of it is mostly empty space,
and the other .00001% of it that you see as matter,
is also empty space,
the matter is just an illusion, an artifact of our perceptual experiences,
as you sift through this very solid looking material body,
you only have to go so far till u end up with a handful of nothing,
this is a scientific fact,
the question is what is this nothingness,
what is this empty space that makes up everything in existence,
because its very clear that the basic raw material of the universe,
is not materiel,
the essential stuff of the universe,
is non stuff,
because an atom which is the basic unit of matter,
is not really a solid entity,
its a void,
but is this void an emptiness,
or could it be the womb of creation itself,
could it be the source of life itself,
is this none stuff none matter that makes up the entire universe,
just emptiness, or is it thinking non stuff,
thinking non matter,
that curves back within its own self,
and creates everything in existence from matter, to energy, to time, to space,
as you dissect through the human body,
the various layers of organs, tissues, cells, molecules and atoms peel away,
until the subatomic is left, bundles of energy vibrations,
the nerve receptors in the body are switching stations that can take energy vibrations that can turn them into touch sight and sound and so on.

everything is energy

i feel like I'm melting into the ground every time i remind myself, we where all in a primordial soup that expanded and made everything, we're all part of the same thing, just looking back on itself, everything is everyone and everyone is everything, all you need is love!

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Cameron said...

Calm doon pal, happens to everycunt first time on lsd.