Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Election, tonight, on smackdown!

I usually like to tell myself i'm somehow above all this new fancy 'politics' thing, but it's understandable how hard it is to avoid it, but the american election actually makes me want to be sick over everyone i love. It completley reminds of me of the WWF wrestling i used to watch; scripted, mindless, undignified but controlled madness tweaked from as much angles as possible to entertain the american public, think about the venue of the debates being in a wwf smackdown ring, it seems so right, all the shouting stupid fans with all there home made signs, callouts, backup, shocks, suprises, conflicts, rivalrys, FAKENESS. I just can't bring myself to even believe it's real, it's defintly not real. My personal views on things like this are slightly contraversial and i'm not going to introduce them to you yet but i hate how i'm even taking notice of all this shite.
Say if you are one of the americans that are blind enough to vote, i bet i can make you pick a side right now with this:
This is the type of people that support McCain, the people that support any side are usually just as silly, just on the other side, but atleast the percentage of McCain votes tell you the percentage of ignorant racist fucks. And the percentage of votes are the percentage of people that think their actually in a democracy... lol

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Holyrood Patter said...

I seen a mcain rally today and they literally booed every time he mentioned the name of Obama. Outrageous