Friday, 2 January 2009

Awrite Pal

Awrite pal, it's January, and what's January? A really big fucking Monday. There's something really unsatisfying about it even if it seems unjustified, I've just worked my way through 12 months of bollocks to get to the Christmas and new year season, and now I've got to start again. A big fucking Monday, and it's another 12 months away from the big fucking Friday night.
Christmas season was good funs, went out for my birthday, then out for Christmas eve's eve, then Christmas eve, then boxing day, then boxing day after party, then the celebration of the great 28th of December, then hogmany eve's eve, then hogmany eve, then hogmany, hogmany of course carries on until about 3 in the afternoon on new years day, to be awoken by Brendan's friendly head in you're face saying "SLICE? BACON?... YOU WANT ANY SLICE OR BACON?" yes Brendan, yes i fucking do, and it was a beautiful slice sanny that would leave even Gordon Ramsay shaking in his swear words and herbs and over pronounced wrinkles. And now i am in bed, and have been for about 2 days.
I'm trying to promise myself that I'm going to do something really productive tomorrow, because in a few days i have to get back into the swing of college paper work, tesco money work, structured routines and early rises. Not that i really put any motivation into that before the holidays but I'm allowed to start now if i want.
I've made a list of all the things i want to achieve in 2009, here it is.
1. Go back to Holland
2. Well that's actually all I've got so far, but i am working on it.
And that's all i have to say really, the transition from 2008 to 2009 didn't make much change to be honest, all that's changed is that there's now a hamsters hutch plus 1 hamster in my bathroom, and i have a new hat.
Hope you all had absolutely indescribable holidays, have a happy giant fucking Monday.
Peace and love x